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Marc Resch is President of Resch Consulting Group (www.reschgroup.com), specializing in assisting companies around the world to generate optimal and sustainable business results from their project investments. Marc graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, received an MBA from the University of North Carolina and an MS in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology.

As a military officer and international business consultant, Marc Resch has spent time exploring many cultures around the world. His observations of the Netherlands and his working and social interactions with the Dutch laid the groundwork for Only in Holland, Only the Dutch. He is an adjunct professor at Centenary College in New Jersey, teaching in the areas of business strategy, quantitative methods and organizational leadership. Marc currently resides in Hudson and Sussex counties, New Jersey.

Recently published:

Strategic Project Management Transformation. Delivering Maximum ROI & Sustainable Business Value

In today’s changing and competitive economic environment, CEOs, corporate executives, and shareholders are no longer strictly concerned with how well a project was executed even if it was finished on time and on budget. Most projects are now being viewed as strategic investments with the primary concern being the value that a project contributed to the company’s bottom line. Project benefit attainment usually occurs after the project team has disbanded and handed over the project deliverables to the operational teams. It is in this transition and subsequent operation where much value is lost and the truly important business benefits that could have been achieved are not.

Strategic Project Management Transformation demonstrates how to transform this trend of project management failure and sub-optimization into strategic and financial project management success. It shows project managers and business professionals how to establish processes that extend beyond closeout and enable stakeholders and operational teams to continue measuring and optimizing business value until all of a project’s objectives have been achieved or exceeded, thereby maximizing financial returns, beneficial change and competitive advantage for their organizations.

More information at www.reschgroup.com

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