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Tall Dutch couple / illustration by Chris P. JonesAcknowledgements


1. Introduction to this Intriguing Place called Holland
Capital City Amsterdam
Canals, Dikes and Windmills
Spreekt U Nederlands?
Rain, Rain Go Away!
Constitutional Monarchy
Traditional Dutch Eating and Drinking Pleasures

2. Brief History of the Netherlands
In the beginning
Burgundian Rule
Spanish Subjugation

The Dutch National Anthem
The Anglo Wars
Revolution in the Air Once Again
And now the French
Orange Once Again
Belgium Secedes
World Wars

3. Dutch Worldly Impact
Land Discovery and Colonization
Nieuw Amsterdam – the Big Orange?
Dutch Orange around the World
Human Exploitation
Other interesting Dutch World Influences
Dutch Patriotism (or lack thereof)

4. The Land of the Gentle Giants
A Cycling Society
Dutch Frugality
Those Germans!
Baring it All
When You Gotta Go
Congratulations you’ve made it another year!
Febo de lekkerste and Raw Herring Stands
Dutch Kiss
Dutch Political Incorrectness
Christmas Time(s) and Zwarte Piet
The Ajax Controversy
Wrap up

5. Dutch Individualism: First and Foremost
Living in a Shoebox – Respecting Social Space
Respecting Social Space, but not Physical Space!
Just Do Your Own Thing

6. Societal Order and Conformity
Must be on Time!
Dutch Conformity
Rules are Rules
Tribal Collectivism
Gezelligheid – Dutch Coziness

7. Dutch Consensus Building and Compromise
Struggling for Survival against the Sea
Dealing with Overleg as an Outsider
Detestation of Hierarchy
Politics and Political Debate

8. Dutch Tolerance
Dutch History of Tolerance
Sex and Prostitution
Gay Netherlands

9. Ethnic Holland
Background on Holland’s Diversity
Immigration Concerns
Rise of the Right – Pim Fortuyn
Death of Western Civilization?
Dutch Revolutionary Solutions Once Again

10. Conclusion
Chapter Notes
About the Author

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